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Welcome to the Tape Gallery, an Interactive Art Project
The Tape Gallery is dedicated to its users and contributors. We are proud to offer a free exhibition space on the internet as well as providing a basic tool for establishing new art spaces, which costs close to nothing and takes a minimum of effort to use. The concept consists of 1) this web page, which serves as an exhibition space for all contributions made to the Tape Gallery, and 2) Your contributions, which we hope will map out exciting and vital art spaces in new and unexpected places, near and far.

The contemporary art world can be described as a self-legitimizing system, with the power to define, validate, and maintain the cultural quality of art, while enjoying the consent of the entire society in doing so. The Tape Gallery is now offering You that very same privilege! You are invited to chose any place or situation which you may find interesting or relevant to set up any given number of Tape Gallery art spaces. These places/situations/works of art will constitute the art world of Tape.

How to contribute
It's very easy to join the project. You can order the necessary Tape packing tape from the gallery by sending an e-mail to tape(at) The tape is free to borrow, as long as you support the project by using the Tape only for establishing art spaces, creating situations, framing works of art, etc. Of course we also appreciate that you photograph or videotape your actions/works and upload the material on We are very much looking forward to your contribution - Please enjoy!

The Tape Gallery Interactive Art Project is initiated by Lars Noväng, as part of his project Limited Art Spaces. This and other projects constitutes the practice of octava gallery & Art Lab and Plan3 Art & Innovation.

Limited Art Spaces is a free investigation of the gallery/exhibition hall as space and idea. What constitutes a place where art meets audience? What signifies our conceptions of art spaces, and how can we change our views and expectations? The format of the traditional gallery appears increasingly outdated, in the light of new needs for active dialogue between the contemporary artist and his/her audience. For this reason, we have embarked on this investigation on how a gallery might contribute in new and constructive ways to this artist-audience communication. At the moment we are trying out different ideas within the framework of the project Limited Art Spaces.

Please note that the Tape Gallery will not take any legal responsibility for the content of the art work that is displayed on this site by it's contributors. Each and every one who chooses to publish work on will be regarded responsible for the content of any material they choose to upload on the site. Material that The Tape Gallery find unethical or discriminating will be promptly removed from the site. All contributors are kindly requested to respect and comply to the creative commons licence that apply to the Tape Gallery Project. Please click here to view the licence.